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3 Star Monday is a straight forward pop and rock and roll band. In the vein of the band’s rock and roll influences such as the Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, The Cars, Roger Clyne, the Foo Fighters, Weezer and many others, 3 Star Monday’s music not only rocks but also rolls along with a rhythmic bounce that drives one to move right along to the music.



Doug Dietel, Eric Morisset, Tony Stambach & Terry DeBell



If you start with the heart and soul of Tom Petty and mix in the Cars dynamics and the drive of the Police brew up some Kings of Leon and Weezer stir in some Americana reminiscent of the Refreshments with a dash of the Foo Fighters you'd get 3 Star Monday's sound.  Very pop and danceable, driving and enjoyable, and always entertaining



Punkin Chunkin Festival (Aurora, Colorado)

Stop Child Trafficing Now Charity Event (Commerce City, Colorado)

Stapleton Rocks (Denver Colorado)

Highlands Ranch Fourth of July Celebration Rumours Bar and Grill (Denver, Colorado)

Eck's Saloon (Denver, Colorado)

Golden Super Cruise (Golden, Colorado)

Grandby Fourth of July Events

Tour de Cure for Diabetes - headliner

Cardiac Kids Charity Event for Children’s Hospital - headliner

Monster Brews Ball - opening band for Mr. Anonymous (the Samples' Jeep McNichol's band)

Herman’s Hideaway - multiple shows 
Multiple shows at venues such as The Walnut Room, The Buffalo Rose, The Spillway, and Eck's Saloon 



Please enjoy free music from the band on the band's website and video from the band's You Tube channel (



“The music is good, the lyrics are clear, it’s danceable with a bit of a cool beach groove.”

Torch from Colorado Music Buzz Magazine


“Very pro, almost too pro.”  “Songs flowed nicely from one to another.”  “Sound is consistent.”

Mike Kasper of Mike Kasper Presents


“Everyone looked and played great.  Everyone looked comfy & natural on stage.” “I love the energy & professionalism.”

John Kinser from the Walnut Room



Unsigned - Independent