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Been Blue Before
The first full-length release from 3 Star Monday.
Available at the band's shows and at many on-line stores such as CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. 
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The first full length CD, Been Blue Before,  contains twelve original songs written and performed by the band. They are a portion of the arsenal of poetic and songs you can dance to that the band has in their sets and hopefully everyone can find something to enjoy.  


Such songs as Undone,At Least I Tried, Under the Lights, and Enough show the bands versatility and mixing of different styles of music to create their own sound. 


Here's our take or comments on the songs...



At Least I Tried

A punchy little song with a tale of love lost but not for a lack of some effort... I may have left, wronged, and was a total jerk... but at least I tried, right?  Hey is that Mr. Dietel singing background vocals on the thrid verse?  Yep!
Broke Down

Where to begin... Ever feel like you were broken to the point it feels like you were in a fight and lost poorly all due to the simple fact that your heart wouldn't listen to what your head told you was the right thing?  Well broke down is one of those drunken, thrown up, rally, hung over and epiphany songs that shakes you into some resembelance of sense... "'Cause baby you had me broke down right from the start" 
Fall From Grace
Like a fireball dropping from the sky the thought of not being as good as you are now and resorting back to the unfortuante, accidental and mischievious ways of the past falling from the good graces of something pretty darn good.
Sooner Or Later You Learn How To Fly
Even Superman had to go through the awkward growing pains of learning how to live, love and ultimately how to fly. (if you are a fan of Smallville this song will remind you of the early days... Chloe and Clark)
Another You
A classic tale of finding someone that treats you the same way the person you're with does... terrible.  Enjoy!
Out In The Crowd
When things seem strange because your life seems prearranged it's time to blend in and then stand out in the crowd. 
As song about missing out on an opportunity and learning a little too late that now you have become unraveled by the thought the chance missed you... "I'm going crazy and that ain't far."
I'll Be There

"Sometimes I'm bad and sometimes I'm good and sometimes I do the tings that I should" but why don't I always do the good part if I know I should?  No matter... I'll still always be there.
Under The Lights 
The hustle and bustle moving your way as you head out into the streets and into a cab and you want to fulfill the lust for life (and the lust for lust) under the big city lights... stepping off the curb and into a dream that the self-fulfilling prophecy told you would come true...
When you just can't seem to synch up with the other person in you life... they think you care too much and you think they don't care enough... maybe it's just that you think they think you think too much?
Just The Way It Ends
It's alright that you left me here again because I met a couple of your friends that wanted to be "friends" so I guess that's just the way it ends.